IEEE CPE-POWERENG 2021 Program Draft

Hybrid Conference

Florence, 14-16 July 2021

Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT +2:00 hours

Wednesday, July 14, 2021
Plenary Session, Aula Magna Rettorato,
University of Florence (Piazza San Marco, 4)
09:00 – 09:20 Opening Ceremony
09:20 – 10:00 Keynote Speech:

Prof. Frede Blaabjerg- Power Electronics Technology – Quo Vadis
Chair Rosa Anna Mastromauro, Luigi Piegari

10:00 – 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 – 12:00 Track Session: Power Converters Applications and Control I

Chair: Kasper Paasch, Frede Blaabjerg

FF-001236 “Analysis and Suppression of Zero-Sequence Circulating Current in
Multi-Parallel Converters”, Jun-Hyung Jung, Sante Pugliese, Marius Langwasser, Marco
Liserre (Germany)
FF-001031 “Understanding the Effects of Exponentially Decaying DC Currents on
the Dual dq Control of Power Converters in Systems with High X/R”, Daniel dos Santos
Mota, Elisabetta Tedeschi (Norway, Italy)
FF-000523 “Comparison Between PI and Neural Network Controller for Dual
Active Bridge Converter”, Marco Bindi, Fabio Corti, Carlos Iturrino Garcia, Antonio
Luchetta, Maria Cristina Piccirilli, Stefano Manetti, Francesco Grasso (Italy)
FF-001791 “A Current Phase Controlled Sub-Synchronous Damper Converter for
Liquefied Natural Gas Plants Applications”, Lorenzo Bongini, Rosa Anna Mastromauro,
Daniele Sgrò, Fabrizio Malvaldi (Italy)
FF-001821 “A Virtual Synchronous Machine-based Control for Eliminating DC-side
Power Oscillations of Three-Phase VSCs under Unbalanced Grid Voltages”, Eros Avdiaj,
Jon Are Suul, Salvatore D’Arco, Luigi Piegari (Italy, Norway)
FF-001465 “Feed-forward Compensator Design with countermeasures against
the non-realizable modulation delay inversion for Current Control of PWM converters”,
Rodrigo Guzman Iturra, Peter Thiemann (Germany)
12: 00 – 13:00 Track Session: Power Generation, Transmission,

Distribution and Monitoring I
Chair: Francesco Grasso, Angel Molina Garcia
FF-000825 “Hyperparameter Tuning of a Correntropy based ANN for Daily Electric
Power Peak Load Forecasting by Modified Brain Storm Optimization”, Naoki Sato,
Yoshikazu Fukuyama, Tetsuya Iizaka, Tetsuro Matsui (Japan)
Technical Program

FF-001171 “The Control and Monitoring System on a Medium Voltage AC
Distribution Grid: Device Implementation and Calibration Procedure”, Marco Dalle
Feste, Massimiliano Chiandone, Daniele Bosich, Giorgio Sulligoi (Italy)
FF-000361 “Using GIS to assess the impact of electric vehicles on electrical
distribution networks: a study applied to the city of Brescia”, Giacomo Viganò, Daniele
Clerici, Chiara Michelangeli, Diana Moneta, Alessandro Bosisio, Andrea Morotti,
Bartolomeo Greco, Pasetti Caterina (Italy)
FF-000817 “Development of a GIS-based model for the planning and operation of
electrical distribution grids in rural areas: a case study in Peru, Matteo Moncecchi, Silvia
Corigliano, Alessandro Bosisio, Lino Pruneri, Marco Merlo (Italy, Peru)
13:00 – 14:30 Lunch
14:30 – 16:30 Track Session: Renewable Energies
Chairs: Alfonso Damiano, Giovanni Spagnuolo

FF-001953 “Data Analytics for Performance Modelling of Photovoltaic Systems
in the Internet of Energy Scenario”, Clemente Capasso, Luigi Rubino, Guido Rubino,
Ottorino Veneri (Italy)
FF-000353 “Probabilistic capacity assessment for three-phase low-voltage
distribution networks”, Amina Benzerga, Sébastien Mathieu, Alireza Bahmanyar,
Damien Ernst (Belgium)
FF-001708 “A Novel Approach for Distributed Maximum Power Point Tracking
Using Modular Multilevel Converters”, Arash July, Davide De Simone, Luigi Piegari (Italy)
FF-001732 “MMC-PV System with DC-Link Integrated Battery Energy Storage
System”, Simone Barcellona, Marzio Barresi, Silvia Colnago, Luigi Piegari (Italy)
FF-001805 “A Triple-Port Active Bridge DC-DC Converter for Integration of Energy
Storage Systems in Concentrator Photovoltaic”, Mauro Boi, Andrea Salimbeni, Alfonso
Damiano, Luigi Pio Di Noia, Renato Rizzo (Italy)
FF-001538 “PV Solar Integration Analysis and Overview: an Energy Transition Case
Study in the Dominican Republic”, Angel Molina-Garcia, Reyniel Ariel Feliciano, Ruben
Dario Ramos (Spain, Dominican Republic)
FF-001651 “Wind Turbine Generator Short Circuit Fault Detection Using a Hybrid
Approach of Wavelet Transform and Naïve Bayes Classifier”, Hamid Toshani, Salman
Abdi, Narges Khadem, Ehsan Abdi (United Kingdom, Iran)
19:00 Welcome Cocktail Alla Torre de’ Rossi – Borgo San Jacopo 3/r

Thursday, July 15, 2021
Plenary Session, Aula Magna Rettorato,
University of Florence (Piazza San Marco, 4)
09:00 – 09:40 Keynote Speech: Carlo Cecati

Some Emerging Issues Related to Modern Power Converters
Chair: Rosa Anna Mastromauro, Luigi Piegari
09:40 – 11:00 Special Session: Energy Communities
Chairs: Marco Merlo, Matteo Moncecchi

FF-000787 “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, Home Flexibility and Electrical Vehicles
Impact Over Energy Community Microgrid”, Joao Martins, Miguel Belchior, Rui Lopes
FF-001139 “The first Italian Renewable Energy Community of Magliano Alpi”,
Sergio Olivero, Emilio Ghiani, Gian Luca Rosetti (Italy)
FF-001155 “Renewable Energy Communitiesin Valle d’Aosta Region: development
perspectives”, Giampaolo Canestri, Eleonora Cerva, Francesco Demetrio Minuto,
Andrea Lanzini, Matteo Moncecchi, Marco Merlo (Italy)
FF-001325 “Heuristic Graph Partitioning with Preferred Cluster sizes and
Application to the Generation of Realistic Distribution Grid Topologies”, Federico Rosato
FF-001856 “Brackish Desalination and Denitrification for Sustainable and
Renewable Irrigation: Desirows Life European Project”, Angel Molina-Garcia, Cristina

Martinez-Gonzalez, Joaquin Lopez-Castellanos, Juan Tomas Garcia, Francisco Vera-
Garcia, Eloy Celdran-Uriarte (Spain)

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 – 13:00 Special Session: Isolated Power Converters
Chairs: Mattia Ricco, Riccardo Mandrioli

FF-000477 “Single Stage Wireless Power Transfer Battery Charger for Electric
Vehicles”, Mattia Simonazzi, Alessandro Campanini, Leonardo Sandrolini, Claudio Rossi
FF-001309 “Multiwinding Transformer Leakage Inductance Optimization for
Power Flow Decoupling in Multiport DC-DC Converters”, Hamzeh Beiranvand, Felix
Hoffmann, Yoann Pascal, Frederik Hahn, Marco Liserre (Germany)
FF-001597 “Three-phase CLLLC Resonant Converters”, Juan Ignacio Nunez,
Andres Barrado, Antonio Lazaro, Pablo Zumel (Spain)
FF-001058 “Power Losses comparison between Silicon Carbide and Silicon Devices
for an Isolated DC-DC Converter”, Filippo Pellitteri, Alessandro Busacca, Carmelo
Martorana, Rosario Miceli, Salvatore Stivala, Angelo Alberto Messina, Vincenzo
Vinciguerra, Michele Calabretta (Italy)

FF-001759 “Study of Back-end DC/DC Converter for 3.7 kW Wireless Charging
System According to SAE J2954”, Guangyao Yu, Thiago Batista Soeiro, Jianning Dong,
Pavol Bauer (The Netherlands)
FF-001643 “Conducted Emission Analysis of a Near-Field Wireless Power Transfer
System”, Mattia Simonazzi, Leonardo Sandrolini (Italy)
13:00 – 14:30 Lunch
14:30 – 16:30 Track Session: Electric Mobility
Chairs: Alberto Reatti, Pietro Tricoli

FF-000175 “Interleaved Wide-bandgap Semiconductor-Based Power Converters
for Fuel Cell Powered Electric Vehicles”, Nuno Guerreiro, José Silva, Vitor Pires(Portugal)
FF-000302 “Electric Vehicle Integrated Battery Charger for an AC Drive with Open
Windings”, Victor Pires, Armando Cordeiro, Daniel Foito, Jose Fernando Silva (Portugal)
FF-001635 “Control Strategies Analysis Used in Power Distribution Systems of
Electric Vehicles with Multiple Energy Sources”, Victor Diaz, Andres Barrado, Antonio
Lazaro, Cristina Fernandez (Spain)
FF-000485 “Pareto Optimization of Planar Circular Coil for EV Wireless Charging”,
Fabio Corti, Gabriele Maria Lozito, Antonino Laudani, Alberto Reatti, Maria Cristina
Piccirilli, Luca Pugi (Italy)
FF-000531 “Analysis of Power Losses due to Magnetic Shielding for Electric Vehicle
Wireless Charging”, Marco Bindi, Giacomo Talluri, Antonio Luchetta, Francesco Grasso,
Libero Paolucci, Leonardo Luchetti (Italy)
FF-000345 “Energy saving in Battery Electric Vehicles equipped with Induction
Machines and Modular Multilevel Converters”, Ivan Spina, Andrea Cervone (Italy)
FF-000655 “A Mixed 1-phase and 3-phase Vehicle Charging System from AC Rail
Traction Power Network”, Masood Hajian, Pietro Tricoli (United Kingdom)
FF-000442 “Optimized Localization for the Inverting Substation to Maximize
the Braking Efficiency of the DC Railways” Tamer Kamel, Zhongbei Tian, Mansoureh
Zangiabadi, Neal Wade, Volker Pickert, Pietro Tricoli (United Kingdom)

20:00 Gala Dinner B- Roof Grand Hotel Baglioni Piazza dell’Unità Italiana, 6

Friday, July 16, 2021
Auditorium di Sant’Apollonia (Via San Gallo, 25) – Room A
09:00 – 10:30 Track Session: Power Converters Applications and Control II

Chairs: Concettina Buccella, Joao Martins

FF-001007 “Control Strategy for Input-Parallel Output-Series Connected Inverter
Systems”, Husheng Qian, Tianzhi Fang (China)
FF-000205 “Operation and Control of Unified Power Quality Conditioner Enabled
Meshed Hybrid Microgrid”, Hrishikesan V M, Devendra Kumar, Dwijasish Das, Chandan
Kumar (India)
FF-000647 “Dynamic Voltage Control Using Unified Power Quality Conditioner
with Storage”, Hrishikesan V M, Devendra Kumar, Chandan Kumar (India)
FF-000884 “Online Condition Monitoring of Electrolytic Capacitors in DC-DC
Interleaved Boost Converters, Adopting a Model-Free Predictive Controller”, Khaled
Laadjal, Fernando Bento, Imed Jlassi, Antonio J. Marques Cardoso (Portugal)
FF-000744 “Effect of Pulses Distribution in a Buck Converter Controlled with Pulse
Skipping Modulation”, Lorenzo Ciani, Marcantonio Catelani, Alessandro Bartolini, Fabio
Corti, Giulia Guidi, Gabriele Patrizi, Alberto Reatti (Italy)
FF-000248 “Comparative Study Between the ́Cuk and the LLC Converter in
Photovoltaic Applications”, Md Nazmul Hasan, Timothy A.Polom (Austria)
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:30 Track Session: Power Converters Topologies and Components

Chairs: Andrii Chub, Enrique Romero Cadaval

FF-000191 “Multilevel Inverter with New Wide-Bandgap SiC and GaN Power
Switches”, Rudolf Mecke (Germany)
FF-000396 “Analysis of Components of the Heat Flow Path in Forced Cooling
Systems”, Krzysztof Górecki, Krzysztof Posobkiewicz (Poland)
FF-001074 “Assessment of the Switching Characteristics of a Commercial e-mode
Power GaN Device Using a Dual Pulse Test Set-up”, Seyed Iman Hosseini Sabzevari,
Salman Abdi Jalebi, Reza Ghazi (Iran, United Kingdom)
FF-001198 “Passive Clamping Circuit for Reduced Switch Count in Solid State
Circuit Breakers”, Luis Camurca, Jakob Jacobsen, Marco Liserre (Germany)

FF-001384 “Study of Geometrical Effects on High Frequency Winding Loss of Air-
Gapped Power Inductor Design with DC Current Impact”, Wai Keung Mo, Kasper M

Paasch, Thomas Ebel (Denmark)
FF-001686 “High Step-Down Diode-Capacitor-Inductor Cell Based DC-DC
Converter”, Zahra Saadatizadeh, Pedram Chavoshipour Heris, Ebrahim Babaei, Frede
Blaabjerg (Iran, USA, Turkey, Denmark)

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:00 Track Session: Power Generation, Transmission,

Distribution and Monitoring II
Chair. Daniele Bosich, Jon Are Suul

FF-000256 “Operational Challenges to Accommodate High Penetration of Electric
Vehicles: A Comparison between UK and China”, Chun Sing Lai, Dashen Chen, Xu Xu,
Gareth Taylor, Ioana Pisica, Loi Lei Lai (United Kingdom, China, Singapore)
FF-000086 “Sensitivity Analysis of Dominant Frequency of Transient Recovery
Voltage using Stockwell Transform”, Rafael Arranz Padilla, Ángel Paredes Parrilla,
Alejandro Rodríguez Gómez, Francisco Jesús Muñoz Gutiérrez (Spain)
FF-000159 “Analysis of a Fast Reserve Unit Behaviour with Additional Modular
Synthetic Inertia Control”, Antony Vasile, Vincenzo Di Dio, Rossano Musca, Giuseppe
Sciumè, Gaetano Zizzo (Italy)
FF-001619 “Use of Machine Learning Algorithms to Develop Grey-box Model
Equivalents of Distribution Networks, Sirkka Porada, Carl Albrecht Becker, Albert Moser
15:00 – 16:30 Track Session: Power Converters Applications and Control III

Chair: Carlo Cecati, Dmitri Vinnikov

FF-001694 “Simple SHE formulation for Five-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters”,
Concettina Buccella, Maria Gabriella Cimoroni, Carlo Cecati (Italy)
FF-000728 Title:”Single-Phase AC/AC Multilevel H-Bridge Transformerless
Converter with SST Functionalities”, Bernardo Figueiredo de Andrade Campos, Renner
Sartório Camargo, Emilio José Bueno Peña, Lucas Frizera Encarnação (Brazil, Spain)
FF-000833 Title:”Asymmetric Single DC-Link Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel
Converter with Model Predictive Control”, Renner Sartório Camargo, Emilio José Bueno
Peña, Lucas Frizera Encarnação (Brazil, Spain)
FF-001023 “Control of Modular Multilevel Converter as Input Side of a Smart
Transformer”, Begoña Montes Cabrera, Enrique Romero Cadaval, Selene Sánchez Cruz,
M. Isabel Milanés Montero, Eva González Romera, Fermín Barrero González (Spain)

FF-001872 “Performance Comparison of Cascade Control Systems for Single-
Phase Grid-Forming Converters with LCL Filter”, Rosa Anna Mastromauro, Lorenzo

Bongini, Francesco Antonio Gervasio (Italy, Spain)
FF-001767 “Internal Model Control based Non-Interactive Feed-forward
Compensator for Current Control of PWM Converters”, Rodrigo Guzman Iturra, Peter
Thiemann (Germany)
16:45 – 17:00 Closing Remarks

Friday, July 16, 2021
Auditorium di Sant’Apollonia (Via San Gallo, 25) – Room B
09:00 – 10:30 Track Session: Storage Technologies, EMI and EMC Issues

Chair: Gabriele Grandi, Flavia Grassi

FF-000019 “Impact of Cell to Cell Variances on the Current Distribution among
Two Parallel Lithium-Ion Cells at constant Current Conditions”, Alexander Fill, Daniel
Müller, Tobias Mader, Arber Avdyi, Tobias Schmidt, Kai Peter Birke (Germany)
FF-001228 “Influence of the Cell Topology, Thermal Conditions and initial Cell to
Cell Variances on Aging Gradients among Lithium-Ion Cells of a Battery”, Alexander Fill,
Daniel Müller, Kai Peter Birke (Germany)
FF-001813 “A Hybrid Storage Systems for All Electric Aircrafts”, Giuseppe Bossi,
Nicola Campagna, Vincenzo Castiglia, Alfonso Damiano, Rosario Miceli, Antonino
Oscar Di Tommaso (Italy)
FF-000337 “Design of Bypass Network for Fast Switching Inverters Using an

Innovative Hybrid DC-Link”, Jasper Schnack, Jan-Philipp Goerdes, Stefan Stahl, Hans-
Peter Tiedemann, Ulf Schuemann, Regine Mallwitz (Germany)

FF-001317 “EMI Filter Re-Design in a SMPS with Inductor in Saturation”, Daniele
Scirè, Giuseppe Lullo, Gianpaolo Vitale (Italy)
FF-001627 “Conducted Emissions Measurements in DC Grids: Issues in Applying
Existing LISN Topologies and Possible Solutions”, Arun Khilnani, Lu Wan, Mark Sumner,
David Thomas, Abduselam Hamid, Flavia Grassi (United Kingdom, Italy)
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:30 Track Session: Electrical Machines and Drives
Chairs: Filippo Pellitteri, Pietro Tricoli

FF-001961 “Thermal Investigations of Air-Cooled PMSM used in Full-Electric UAV”,
Andrea Del Pizzo, Mario Boi, Alfonso Damiano, Luigi Pio Di Noia, Renato Rizzo (Italy)
FF-001163 “Currents and Torque Oscillations Mitigation in High Power Induction
Motor Drives”, Krishneel Kumar, Mario Marchesoni, Zeno Maule, Massimiliano
Passalacqua, Francesco Soso, Luis Vaccaro (Italy)
FF-000213 “Torque Comparison of Surface Mount and Interior Permanent Magnet
Synchronous Motor for Railway Applications” Nursaid Polater, Tamer Kamel, Pietro
Tricoli (United Kingdom)
FF-001864 “Comparison between 3-ph and 6-ph PMSM solutions for the electric
propulsion of unmanned aerial vehicles”, Andrea Del Pizzo, Luigi Pio Di Noia, Antonino
Oscar Di Tommaso, Rosario Miceli, Renato Rizzo (Italy)
FF-000221 “Converters to drive two brushed DC machines”, Felix Himmelstoss,
Helmut Votzi (Austria)
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 15:30 Special Session: Power Electronic Converters for DC Microgrids

Chairs: Andrii Chub, Victor Pires

FF-000132 “DC-link Capacitor Minimization in Residential Energy Router Through
Battery Utilization”, Mahdieh Najafzadeh, Oleksandr Husev, Indrek Roasto, Dmitri
Vinnikov, Tanel Jalakas (Estonia)
FF-000272 “A DC-DC Converter for Bipolar DC Microgrids with Voltage Balance
Capability to Supply a Multilevel SRM Drive”, Victor Pires, Daniel Foito, Armando Pires,
Armando Cordeiro, João Martins (Portugal)
FF-000965 “A New Coupled-Inductor-Based Buck/Boost DC/DC Converter with
Soft Switching for DC Microgrid Applications”, Hamed Mashinchi Maheri, Pedram
Chavoshipour Heris, Zahra Saadatizadeh, Ebrahim Babaei, Dmitri Vinnikov (Estonia,
FF-001295 “Photovoltaic Microconverter with Integrated Sub-Modular Power
Optimizer”, Hamed Mashinchi Maheri, Andrii Chub, Dmitri Vinnikov, Andrei Blinov
FF-001899 “Accelerated Global MPPT for Multimode Series Resonant DC-DC
Converter”, Vadim Sidorov, Andrii Chub, Dmitri Vinnikov (Estonia)
FF-001902 “Effect of Mission Profile Resolution on Photovoltaic Energy Yield
Prediction in Python and MATLAB, Abualkasim Bakeer, Andrii Chub, Dmitri Vinnikov,
Frede Blaabjerg (Estonia, Denmark)
15:30 – 16:45 Special Session: Technological and Algorithmic Innovations

for Electric Vehicles Smartcharging
Chairs: Mattia Ricco, Renato Rizzo

FF-000779 “State of Charge Optimization-Based Smart Charging of Aggregate
Electric Vehicles from Distributed Renewable Energy Sources”, Francesco Lo Franco,
Mattia Ricco, Riccardo Mandrioli, Rudolf F. P. Paternost, Gabriele Grandi (Italy)
FF-001201 “Smart Charging Algorithm for Flexibility Provision with Electric Vehicle
Fleets”, Matteo Moncecchi, Giuliano Rancilio, Aleksandar Dimovski, Filippo Bovera
FF-001481 “Day-Ahead Multistage Stochastic Optimization of a Group of Electric
Vehicle Charging Stations”, Camilo Orozco, Alberto Borghetti, Fabio Napolitano, Fabio
Tossani (Italy)
FF-000698 “A Two-Layer Model for Optimal Charging Scheduling of Electric
Vehicle Parking Lots in Distribution Network”, Mahnaz Moradijoz, Jaafar Heidari, Ehsan
Heydarian-Forushani, Seifeddine Ben Elghali (Iran, France)
FF-000809 “The impact of charging electric vehicles in electrical public
substations”, P.J. Santos, A.J. Pires, Rui Castro (Portugal)